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Wake up! wake up now!

Publicado: octubre 22, 2011 en Rock's Lyrics
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Feel all those pieces
all those pieces around you
feel all those raindrops falling down
feel the wind running down your skin

wake up now!
it’s starting time
what are your fears?
face them to your strengths
what are your dreams?
make them part of yourself
make them part of yourself
listen to your breath
listen to your heart
how much do you love yourself?
How much would you pay for yourself?

look at all those pieces
swimming and swimming around you
think, are those your opportunities?
take me now! their are crying

when do you wake up?
when will you wake from this horrible loneliness up?
when will you gonna understand
that a smile is not a friendship
wake up!
wake up!
wake up now!
I’m waiting for you
I know I’m not your best friend
but I’m gonna be with you till the end